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Trash the dress

Pre wedding photography -trash the dress - what is it?

Pre wedding photoshoot -trash the dress… or let’s call it “Rock the Dress” is just another session for you to put on that beautiful dress of yours and rock it out. Brides and grooms want awesome imagery from their wedding, period. They want the unscripted moments captured, but they also want a photographer that can get very creative during a portrait session.

More couples these days are favoring the un-styled, un-planned moments of the wedding rather than the prescribed agenda of highly organized groups of people staring at the camera. Pre wedding photography "Trash the dress" - meaning trash your wedding dress, for example, smear mud, wet in the sea, pour paint, wine.... But along with the deterioration of things (wedding dress, groom's suit , etc.), this creative style of wedding photography, which came recently to Israel, gives unforgettable positive experience and stunning photos.

טראש דה דרס

After all, these moments will last forever through the photos. If you are not ready to trash your wedding dress , you may buy a simple one. This dress will cost from $ 40 to $ 100 in "EBAY". The dress doesn't have to be exclusive for this case - the pictures anyway will attract attention.

Day wedding celebration - it's extremely busy day! Therefore I always suggest to my couple to make the "Trash the Dress" session a few weeks or even a month before the wedding day.On the day of shooting "Trash the dress" - you can fully relax , enjoy your outfit , splash in the sea, lie on the sand or grass , walk and enjoy spray-painted graffiti in Jaffa, to throw paint or champagne on each other.

In fact- you can do whatever your soul desires. After editing these images, I will produce a music clip art for you and you will get the opportunity to show it on the screens in the banquet hall wedding for your guests, shocking , surprising and delighting them .
Pre wedding photography trash the dress - it is your self-indulgence, a holiday for the two of you, your fun and crazy things - in fact in every adult child lives a child and this is the moment when we together will release him to play.

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